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A project of high visual impact for an impression

The Memory Project Viva is an initiative to recover the historical memory of the city of Sabadell immaterial

In this project I was in charge of design, layout and installation and configuration of a completely customized WordPress template.

Mockups, models and prototypes for a project with a lot of space to grow still

In this first phase of the project was to create a promotional website to view the many possibilities of organizing content must generate a group of historians. Photographs, maps, infographics and conceptual pieces.

For the first phase of memória viva we had to create a page of great visual content in an attractive and organized way but with little text content at this stage. An opportunity to make a page where transitions and image mosaics shined.

The high quality of the photographs chosen and the subtle transition effects create the sensation of watching a video from the momment you land on the page

This project paid special attention to design responsive. This choice proved to be correct as more than half of the visits were from mobile devices.

Careful presentation without taking control from the user

This project has also made extensive use of Revolution Slider plugin achieving amazing results and dynamic while not on any page using the traditional structure of “carousel” associated with the sliders.

Take a look at the website memoriaviva.cat

I take the same ammount of care I took with Memòria Viva with all my projects.
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