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A call to action

The Idrissa project is a campaign to make possible a documentary on the death of Idrissa. A project that as of early 2017 is still active.

With Idrissa project seeks interaction with the public interacting with it with recurring campaigns and trying to move it to action.

To achieve this, the project, uses a dynamic home, that in addition on presenting the project urges the visitor to action with forms and recent campaigns.

A collaboration with Metromuster

In addition, the project also urges visitors to subscribe to the newsletter (with custom integration with Acumbamail) with a conversion rate well above industry thanks to a well thought campaing that targets it’s audience well.

The most important thing however is that Idrissa is the result of collaboration with Metromuster which has meant working with great professionals on a project of great social impact

Highly customizable Back end

Since Metromuster had great experience in web editing in this project X Theme was used achieving both a high degree of customization on the chosen template as also the possibility for Metromuster to edit the content with an intuetive and powerful visual editor:

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