Miquel Adell

Web programming without complexities

Asking for good website should not be harder than asking for a good beer.
If you do not need all the details of the elaboration of neither beer nor websites but you want to some results you can start with this some of my highlighted projects:

The process to create a website consists of many steps in the same way as is a beer.
With my years of experience as a programmer developing successful websites can see every part of the process and to offer assistance with any of the following parts:


If you already have a working website but do you think could be improved, if you feel your current website does not fit your needs, or if your page is not responsive or you need to improve SEO, let’s talk, I can help you.


If you have an idea for a website I can help you from the first moment in the process of defining your needs, thinking specifically in your project and are helping you find the best solution for your business or project.


Puc ajudar-te també a avaluar la viabilitat d’un disseny per a una pàgina web, ajudar-te a trobar una persona que faci el disseny, o a encarregar-me jo de tot.

If you need a website or consultancy services in any of these parts can I help you

Any good programmer will speak with pride of the tools he works with. Most people do not need to know those, in the same way that I do not distinguish between a wheat and a barley beer and that’s OK. Do not worry.

Framework Framework WordPress
Framework Framework Laravel
Front end development HTML-5
Front end development CSS-3
Front end development Bootstrap
Front end development Sass
Front end development jQuery
Front end development JavaScript
Programació back end PHP
Database management MySQL
Server management Linux
Server management Docker
Project management Git
API API integration Twitter
API API integration Facebook

If you need help with any of these technologies send me an email. In addition to building web pages from scratch you can also hire me as a freelancer to work on an existing team or an existing project

Years of experience are the base of the solutions I offer. I this years I have done all kinds of projects with clients and colleagues, and this is what some of them say about me: